Thursday, April 23, 2009

The first iris of the year!

I love iris. Especially the big ones with the ruffly petals--they are so pretty, and some of them smell SO good! They are my very favorite flower--I am partial to the purple ones, but really love them all. My grandparents created new varieties of them, and I am fortunate to have some of their creations in my flower beds. Now, if I could just remember all the different ones they created--maybe I will pick my parents brains and find out. The one I do remember is called "Hold that Tiger" and it is a yellow one with brown markings on the petals. I hope that one blooms this year so I can show you all the picture of it! Anyway--see the cheeky little bud in the right hand corner of the picture? A yellow one is just dying to pop out next!

Conquering Mount Laundry!

This is what happens when you have four family members and only two of you really cares about doing the laundry--
Yikes! I have to get most of this done because I am leaving tomorrow to visit some of my PSF's in OHIO!!! Can you tell I am excited?
I have gotten a wide range of responses when I tell people where I am going. Several have wondered "Do you know if these people are safe/normal/real?"
Hahaha! They have NO IDEA what "these people" have come to mean to me--but as far as "safe, normal, real" well, I'll just leave that alone, LOL!