Thursday, April 23, 2009

The first iris of the year!

I love iris. Especially the big ones with the ruffly petals--they are so pretty, and some of them smell SO good! They are my very favorite flower--I am partial to the purple ones, but really love them all. My grandparents created new varieties of them, and I am fortunate to have some of their creations in my flower beds. Now, if I could just remember all the different ones they created--maybe I will pick my parents brains and find out. The one I do remember is called "Hold that Tiger" and it is a yellow one with brown markings on the petals. I hope that one blooms this year so I can show you all the picture of it! Anyway--see the cheeky little bud in the right hand corner of the picture? A yellow one is just dying to pop out next!


  1. These are beautiful Sharon! I'm used to really only seeing the purple with just a little bit of yellow in the middle of the petals...or some yellow with...brownish-reddish...maybe that's one of the ones your grandparents created...THAT is cool :) Thanks for sharing these...we don't have a lot of signs of Spring here, but they're starting to show...

  2. OOOoooo. so pretty! I love this time of year when everything is just bursting with color coming out of the ground! Beautiful!