Thursday, April 23, 2009

Conquering Mount Laundry!

This is what happens when you have four family members and only two of you really cares about doing the laundry--
Yikes! I have to get most of this done because I am leaving tomorrow to visit some of my PSF's in OHIO!!! Can you tell I am excited?
I have gotten a wide range of responses when I tell people where I am going. Several have wondered "Do you know if these people are safe/normal/real?"
Hahaha! They have NO IDEA what "these people" have come to mean to me--but as far as "safe, normal, real" well, I'll just leave that alone, LOL!


  1. ha ha ha ha haaaaaa safe, normal and real!! *giggle*

    ( laundry pile is bigger *blush*)

  2. Sure!! We're safe & normal & real----Not!! J/K!!! Have fun!!! Can't wait to hear the stories!! Sooooo wish I was going with!

  3. That's a mole hill, honey. I should take a picture of my mountain. Oh wait, no way!

    I can't wait to see you tomorrow! And I'm anything but normal. HA!

  4. ROFLMBO!!! I don't think anyone would refer to us as normal!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. I am sooo bummed that I am not able to make it. Darn foot!!!

  5. pile is only slighly smaller...I hate laundry!!

    Have a wonderful time in Ohio. I will be thinking of you all wishing I was there! PSF's Safe? Yes. Real? YES, YES, YES!! Normal? Well, it's all relative right?? Safe travels!!