Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cherry Ames

Before I talk about Cherry Ames, I wanted to share this card I made for my Dad's birthday! (actually, I wanted the card image to be at the BOTTOM of this post, but I can't figure out yet how to make that happen!)
I love the House Mouse images, and this one just made me smile! I got to use my new top note die, and I sponged brown ink all over it. I used stickles on the frosting (popped it up), and accordian folded a VERY TINY piece of DSP to try to look like a cupcake paper. I thought it turned out cute! Anyhow---

I knew I would be a nurse from "way back when". In sixth grade, I went to boarding school in Accra, Ghana. The school had a little library, and I was enchanted! I loved to read--I practically devoured books--and in the bush village where I lived with my parents, the library came to us in the back of a truck, and it didn't come very often! Needless to say, I spent a lot of time plowing through the meager shelves of books in that school library. That is where I first heard about Cherry Ames, Student Nurse! I practically read the print right off the pages of those books as I dreamed about the day when finally, "I" would be a nurse, too. Funny how the books never mentioned working night shift, weekends, and holidays!

I decided to google Cherry Ames today, and I found out the the books have been reprinted! I am going to see if the library has them--I truly can't remember what any of the stories were about. I have so many books that I keep going back to re-read. I feel like it is revisiting an old friend, and I think it would be fun to see if I still love the books as much as I did over 40 (gulp!) years ago!

I hope this link works, if you want to check her out!


  1. LOVE the card!! Awesome details! From the top note die to the cupcake paper! Tell us about the stories as you read them again- I had never heard of them before!

  2. SUPER cute card!! Thanks for sharing it with us. I to devoured books growing up (still do). I THINK I remember reading those books. Need to check them out. Thanks for the story!!

  3. The verification word I just had to type -- curad!!! Isn't that funny!!! Your post about becoming a nurse & the word being Curad!!!!

  4. REALLY Cute Card Sharon - and I love your story about wanting to be a nurse. S says she wants to be a doctor and then a nurse! (I thought it was funny she's going for her MD first ;) ) Thanks for sharing this great story - good luck finding the books!

  5. Cool story, Sharon. And this card is very cute - even if it does have a nasty old mouse on it. ;) I hope your dad had a great birthday!

  6. I love house mouse! This is such a cute card!

  7. Darling card!
    I love the story of your "library" from your childhood. I can imagine you would have loved it when it came around and how exciting it would be to see what new books might be available to you.
    I am certain I would have loved those books when I was a young girl, too. I just don't think I ever saw them- the name is not at all familiar to me. I also had always dreamed of being a nurse. Had my knight in shining armor not have come when he did, I might have been working night shifts, weekends and holidays right along beside you, lol!
    Anyway- how fun to see those books being reprinted. I hope you can get your hands on some to go back down memory lane!

  8. my best friend moved to Accra for 5 years with her small children and husband for his work. They recently returned to the U.S., but i've enjoyed hearing about her experiences there.

    i actually own a bunch of cherry ames books...the originals. i bought them in a batch at a school rummage sale when i was a kid. a voracious reader, i hadn't seen them in our public library. i loved them too...better than the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books that seemed to be so much more popular. they haven't been cracked in 3 decades now...but are sitting on a shelf downstairs right now. wonder if my 12yo would enjoy them. hmmm.

    thanks for the sweet note! ♥