Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Invasion of the headless people..

Awhile back, my PSF Paulette sent me a package of goodies--actually she sent goodies to a BUNCH of us! It was so much fun to rip open that envelope and see what she had chosen for me! How did she know I didn't have any of the "headless people" stamps?
I had to ink it up and use it for her thank you card!
Humm--I need to work on my picture taking skills, tho. That background is way too dark!
And after gazing at all those kisses, I am craving chocolate!


  1. What a great card! Love all the details and colour!

  2. Sharon- this card it totally adorable! I LOVE it! I am sure Paulette did, too :-)
    The background is fine. I recently read to use either a white or black background for photos. I have been trying both. I think white usually works best, but I actually have liked black better for some projects. Just play around with it.
    I love your new blog- I'll be visiting often!