Thursday, March 19, 2009

Try to do something nice...

You can't really tell in this picture, but this is a large serving bowl full of chips, minus about 10 chips. On tuesday, when I was in Michaels (had to use my 50% coupon!), they had a stack of flyers from a local school who was trying to raise money for their orchestra. If you ate at Chili's, they would donate 10% of the bill to the high school. Being the civic minded person that I am (not to mention how much I love their chicken enchilada soup), I decided to have lunch there. By myself. Their soup and salad lunch special included chips. They brought me enough to feed four people! My DH was happy that I brought the leftovers home, LOL.

My PSF Amy got me this cute stamp set for one of the friendship swaps, and I used it to make a birthday card. This hippo just makes me smile, and I love pink and green together.
I did get the first four books of the Cherry Ames series, and had a great time reading them. They are set in the 1940's, WWII era. My, how nursing has changed since then! Such as:
-Now there are few, if any, hospital based nursing programs.
-I know that when I was in nursing school ('75-'79), we were so excited to get our nurses caps (well, except for the 2 guys in our class, LOL)--we had a ceremony--it was a big deal! If I remember right, the caps were plain white until we graduated, then we added red and black ribbon. As proud as I was of that cap, it was a royal pain in the neck to wear at work. I was forever ripping it off my head by accidentally leaning against something. And can you imagine the germs that were on that thing? I wonder if nursing students these days still get caps? No one at the hospital where I work wears them!
-I don't know when it stopped, but we don't stand up anymore when a doctor is present! (thank goodness). I do respect their education and responsibilities, but I did also graduate from college, took state boards, and have great responsibility as a bedside nurse. We nurses are usually the ones that alert the drs. if there is a problem, since they are not right there with their patients all the time. I very much feel that I am an integral part of the team, and I will just stay seated, thankyouverymuch!
-Nowadays, parents are encouraged to stay with their children when they are hospitalized (and let me say here that for safety's sake, ANYONE who is hospitalized should have a family member or close friend stay with them). I cannot imagine, as a parent, having to leave my child in the hospital, yet that was the norm when these books were written.
-There were "wards" for patients back then--very few "rooms". Can you imagine being sick and being in a room with, say, 10 or 20 other patients? Icky. The sounds, the smells, blah! Give me a private room anytime!
Those were the main things that stood out for me. I have donated the books to my church library. I can't wait to see if any of the girls there read them--and if they do, what they think!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of chips! My mother in law was a nurse (well, I guess she still is but she's retired now). Doctors would be lost without nurses!

  2. hee hee - great story Sharon!!

    I know they do still have capping ceremonies, but no one really WEARS them anymore. My Mom has hers displayed on a shelf in her office at work. Hers has a little black velvet ribbon on it. My friend Ann too - they worked HARD for those caps, and they are proudly displayed, even if no one wears them anymore.

    My mom found a place online where she ordered a few 'new' caps from her nursing school, since each school (at least here) had different caps.

    When my Mom had my sister...Dad brought her to the hospital...they wheeled her away - told dad to go home, and that they'd call him when there was news...that's something huh? He couldn't was nuts. Things are DEFINITELY different these days...

  3. Wow - great story! I enjoyed reading it!

    I love this card too, {wink} and it's proudly displayed in my stamping room!

    I didn't know you had a blog! I'm glad you do.